DIONE – Super Resolution Modelling

Super Resolution is the process of recovering a High Resolution (HR) image from a given Low Resolution (LR) image. An image may have a “lower resolution” due to a smaller spatial resolution (i.e. size) or due to a result of degradation (such as blurring). Development of a super resolution model starts with the preparation of […]

DIONE – Farmer’s compliance monitoring tool

Farmer’s compliance monitoring tool is a Web GIS application which aims to be a decision support tool for Paying Agencies (Officials, Inspectors) and registered farmers/consultants. Main goal is to provide an automated rule-based and country-based compliance check. Apart from the main feature, this tool also aims to provide a whole variety of parcel-based and location-based […]

DIONE Toolbox

How important is the role of the paying agencies for the development of the DIONE Environmental Performance tool? The paying agencies National Paying Agency of Lithuania(NPA) and Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization (CAPO) are responsible for the collection of data, regarding farmers’ declarations about areas, which are fully converted to organic farming, areas which are under conversion to organic farming […]