DIONE, a H2020 project, proposes a close-to-market (TRL7) area-based direct payments monitoring toolbox that will address the forthcoming Modernised CAP regulation of using automated technologies to ensure more frequent, accurate and inexpensive compliance checks. 

Dione will: 1) apply the results of ESA’a SEN4CAP project that showcased the capability of Sentinel data to monitor the crop diversification rules; 2) Include in the analysis the so far neglected EFA types (fallow land of all sizes, buffer strips, hedges, trees), by making use of super-resolution technology that improves the 10-20m Sentinel resolution to an improved resolution range (5-10m); 3) Complement the use of EO data with a system of reliable, ground-based geo-tagged photos, captured by the farmers and 4) Implement a Green Compliance toolbox, integrated with the paying agencies’ tools.The project is expected to start in January 2020.