Assess how sustainable practices affect fields, farms, and income
Change is never easy, particularly when abandoning tried-and-tested agricultural practices for new ones. Throughout the ‘explore’ stage, we estimate the effects of various changes to yield, fuel and input costs, labour and farm income, and also the potential revenue from carbon credits.
How we do it: Use of satellite imagery (Copernicus high-resolution imagery); in-house improved soil maps; and various soil, plant, and farm economic models.

Cost-effective and accurate estimates for changes in soil carbon over time
What is happening in the soil is hard to see and expensive to measure. Using satellite data and Artificial Intelligence, we bring a new level of accuracy to map soil carbon in every field. Soil samples are still key to accuracy – we tell you where a sample will most contribute to a better and more accurate map.
How we do it: Use of satellite imagery (Copernicus), point soil data (public and private datasets), in-house soil mapping algorithms, in-house uncertainty mapping algorithms.
Click HERE for a video presentation.

Remote assessment of whether sustainable practices are being implemented
With an eye in the sky, we can confirm that farmers are implementing certain agricultural practices (or the level of risk that they are not). This makes documentation for farm certification and farm carbon credits much easier – and much cheaper.
How we do it: Use of satellite imagery (Copernicus) and in-house detection algorithms.
A video presentation of this service is available HERE.

Digital agricultural advisory services tailored to regenerative farming
Designed with farmers for farmers, we provide specialised services to help land managers with the key challenges of a new sustainable approach. In line with a context-specific approach to regenerative farming, these services are tailored to specific needs and contexts.
How we do it: Use of satellite imagery (Copernicus), weather data, integration with sensors, user-friendly interface, and various in-house algorithms.
Click HERE for a video presentation.